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IoT Gateway (GW1000)

To meet the expectations of ever-growing requirement of market Vougavent has developed an IOT gateway GW1000 as the back bone of IOT solutions from us. This significantly reduces the time to market of our IOT solutions.

Powerful edge computing
Excellent wireless performance
Indoor and Outdoor installations


The market is now headed to a phase where what is possible with the internet of things is well understood across industries. The journey to smart-business value creation is complex and when done right, offers significant opportunities.

LoRa IOT gateway GW1000

To meet the expectations of ever-growing requirement of market Vougavent has developed IOT gateway GW1000 as the back bone of IOT solutions from us.

The IOT Gateway GW1000 is a highly agile product with ability to switch the RF protocol based on the customer requirement. The GW1000 is available in two variants

  • Indoor
  • Outdoor (meets IP65)

Our IoT Gateway enables faster implementation by making it compactible with a wide variety of sensor nodes. The device supports multiple RF protocols like

  • LoRa
  • Bluetooth LE
  • Sub 1 GHz (433 MHz, 865 MHz and 915 MHz)

The cloud interface can be established via Ethernet or 4G communication. Also the gateway can be used as a web server for light applications.

Block diagram

Domain Specifications
Cloud Interface
  • Wi-Fi
  • 4G
Sensor/Node Interface
  • LoRa
  • Zigbee
  • Bluetooth Low energy
  • Sub 1 GHz
Typical Operating Distance 20 m to 1 km
Power Supply
  • 90V to 270 VAC
  • DC Powered (Customizable)
Operating Frequency
  • 865-867 MHz (India)
  • 915 MHz

GW1000 Key specification

Vougavent recommends LoRa

LoRa is the best suites communication protocol for IoT application with Low Data rate. The spread spectrum technology and use of sub MHz carrier frequencies enable longer range and flexibility

  • Longer network coverage
  • Indoor Penetration
  • Longer Battery life for LoRa based nodes
  • Flexibility
  • Trouble free installation at Urban and remote applications

Custom high performance nodes

Vougavent has expertise in developing low power IoT sensing node which ensures Battery life up to 5 years. The existing platform can be integrated with various sensors and actuators with shortest possible development time. Our development SDK enable faster turn around for proof of concepts.

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  • The Range of any RF communication is depending on the following factors
  • Type of Antenna
  • Geographical location (Better when no obstacles like buildings, Hills etc)
  • Ambient disturbances in operating frequencies
  • Surface which the tag is installed (performance degrades typically if device is installed inside metal)
  • Ans:

  • Vougavent assures the use possible measures to ensure a good RF Performance
  • Good RF Design
  • Validating the Antenna tuning
  • Use of high performance chipset
  • Ans: The typical life of a battery is 3 – 5 years, How ever the battery life is depending on data size and frequency of operation. We design the our LoRa nodes to consume power only while sensing and transmission after transmitting the data the device will shift to the sleep mode