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EMI-EMC Consulting

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Radiated Emission failure analysis at Vougavent

Simulation of EMC behavior

EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) and EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) are critical considerations in the design and development of electronic devices and systems. EMI and EMC compliance is essential for ensuring that electronic devices and systems operate correctly and do not interfere with other electronic devices.

At Vougavent, we specialize in EMI-EMC consulting services for a wide range of electronic devices and systems. Our team of experts has extensive experience in the design and development of electronic devices and systems, and can help ensure that your products meet EMI and EMC compliance requirements.

Our EMI-EMC consulting services include:

  • EMI/EMC precompliance: We provide EMI and EMC testing services to ensure that electronic devices and systems meet compliance requirements.
  • EMI/EMC design review: We provide design review services to ensure that electronic devices and systems are designed for EMI and EMC compliance. Our team of experts can review your design and provide recommendations for improving EMI and EMC performance.
  • EMI/EMC troubleshooting: We provide troubleshooting services to identify and resolve EMI and EMC issues in electronic devices and systems. Our team of experts can perform a variety of tests and measurements to identify the source of the problem and provide solutions to resolve the issue.
  • EMI/EMC compliance documentation: We provide compliance documentation services to help you document your EMI and EMC compliance efforts. Our team of experts can assist in preparing compliance documentation, including test reports, design reviews, and other necessary documentation to demonstrate compliance with EMI and EMC regulations and standards.


  • EMC Concept development
  • Filter design
  • Floor and Stack up planning
  • EMC Design guidelines
  • Design Review
  • EMC Control Planning
  • Risk assessment

Pre compliance

  • Quick analysis
  • Test plan preparation
  • EMC Measurement
  • Change management
  • Test peripheral development

EMI-EMC Failure Analysis

  • Root cause identification
  • Near field scanning
  • Counter measure development


  • Simulation based EMC performance prediction
  • Failure analysis

Vougavent EMI-EMC Pre-compliance lab

Located at Bangalore, India Vougavent has a measurement facility for debugging and analysing the EMI-EMC Performance. Our inhouse facility, support the following Measurements.

  • Radiated Emission
  • Radiated Susceptibility
  • ElectroStatic Discharge (ESD)
  • Surges and Fast Transients

Visualize EM Field with near filed scanning

We provide the EMI nearfield scanning service to support Emission analysis. Near field scanning enable quick identification of noise sources and hot spots in the PCB. By using the EMI Near field probing faster turn around is possible for EMI failure analysis at Vougavent

At Vougavent, we are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality EMI-EMC consulting services. Our team of experienced experts and state-of-the-art testing equipment ensure that our customers' electronic devices and systems meet EMI and EMC compliance requirements.

Standards and Specification

Domain Specifications
Defense MIL-STD 461 E,F,G
Aeronautical DO-160
Automotive CISPR-25
Industrial, Scientific and Medical CISPR-22
CE and FCC FCC 47 CFR Part 15
IEC and EN Standards EN 55011, IEC 61000-6-4, IEC 61000-4-4


Ans: Our typical lead time is 10 Working days, it depends on the complexity of the product and failure

Ans: All projects will initiated with Mutual NDAs and We adhere strictly to the Vougavent Data Protection guidelines which ensures proper handling of customer data and disposal of the data after the completion of project. For details refer Vougavent Data protection Policy Link: Vougavent Data protection policy

Ans: We have facility for RF Emission, RF Susceptibility/Immunity and Electrostatic Discharge (ESD)

Ans: We required following information, Product overview, Schematics(searchable pdf file), BOM, PCB Layout(*.pcb or *.brd with odb++) and Mechanical design (*.stp)