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Antenna and RF Design/consulting

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At Vougavent, we specialize in RF and antenna design for a wide range of RF Devices and Antennas. Our team of engineers has extensive experience in the design and development of antennas, RF circuits, and wireless systems. We use state-of- the-art tools and software to optimize the performance and efficiency of our designs.

we are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality RF and antenna design services. Our team of experienced engineers and state-of-the-art tools and simulation software ensure that our designs meet the performance and efficiency requirements of our customers.

Our main expertise include:-

  • RF Circuit design
  • Custom Antenna Design
  • Impedance Matching Circuits
  • RF Filters and Attenuators
  • RF Circuit Design

Our inhouse measurement facilities, support following

  • Return Loss
  • Matching circuit tuning
  • Spurious Emission
  • Filter performance
  • Open air Radiation Pattern
  • Wireless range testing

Our RF and antenna design services include:

  • Antenna design and optimization: We design and optimize antennas for a wide range of wireless communication systems, IoT, Radars, GPS etc. Our team of engineers can design antennas that meet specific performance and size requirements.
  • RF circuit design: We design and optimize RF circuits for wireless communication systems, including low noise amplifiers, power amplifiers, and frequency converters. We use advanced simulation tools to optimize the performance of our RF circuit designs.
  • Wireless system design: We provide full wireless system design services, including the design of RF and antenna systems, as well as other wireless components such as modems and transceivers. We can also design custom wireless systems for specific applications.

Improvement of Wireless range

Antenna Tuning is essential for achieving maximum performance, circuits integration with other electronics can lead to the detuning of the Antenna. It leads to a higher return loss. The RF Circuit needs to get tuned in such a way as to avoid the integration effects. Vougavent has an in-house facility for Tuning and optimizing the RF Matching Circuits.

Custom Antenna Design

We can extend our support for developing customized antennas for peak performance using the latest commercial design tools and cutting-edge manufacturing techniques to match your product design and form factor. Our Team is well-versed in designing PCB antennas like PIFA, Meander, MIMO, etc.

RF Test System (ATEs)

The Radio Frequency test system designed and developed by Vougavent helps in the mass production of RF Devices. The specially designed test systems can capture the RF Parameters in the production environment.


Ans: : Our typical lead time is 10 Working days, it depends on the complexity of the product and failure

Ans: All projects will initiated with Mutual NDAs and We adhere strictly to the Vougavent Data Protection guidelines which ensures proper handling of customer data and disposal of the data after the completion of project. For details refer Vougavent Data protection Policy Link: Vougavent Data protection policy

Ans: Spectrum analyser, Network Analyzer, High frequency Oscilloscope, Shielded Chamber

We required following information, Product overview, Schematics(searchable pdf file), BOM, PCB Layout(*.pcb or *.brd with odb++) and Mechanical design (*.stp)

Ans: Yes, we offer consultancy service for the radio type approval.