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Your trusted technology partner

Our Mission

Enabling State of the art engineering solutions

Established in 2016 at Bengaluru, Vougavent operates in a vast domain of product development in Radio Frequency devices as well as Electronic Hardware design with customer focus on domains like

  • Wireless communication
  • Mobility
  • Internet of Things
  • Healthcare
  • Consumer Electronics

Vougavent stands apart with its targeted business strategy to provide innovative and novel design and products at competitive costs by utilizing the unique design expertise and highly productive work force available in country. Our business model is strictly to drive the technology and product development as per the market and individual customer demands. Currently Vougavent offers product design services for various sectors which include the Defence, Industrial Automation, Instrumentation, Embedded & Wireless communication, Security & Monitoring.

Industries in Focus


Adding intelligence to the machines

Adding intelligence and connectivity to the machine ensures futuristic and smart industries. Vougavent with its smart and connected solution adding values to the Industrial controls.


Diagnosis with Precision

Precision, Quality and reliability ensured by Vougavent design approach empower various medical electronics devices especially in the area of diagnosis and monitoring.


Futuristic and Reliable

Our solutions on automotive electronics includes Clusters, E drives and EV Charging Stations holds futuristic and our commitment for reliable product development.

Consumer Electronics

Value Driven Solution

Our expertise on developing value driven solutions, Enabled our customers better market penetration with high-quality products in the challenging consumer electronics segment.

Our Values

Customer First

Exceed customers expectations through flexible engagement models.

Trust and Integrity

Our Working culture ensures that the right thing is delivered for our customers and to the society at the right time.


Being focused on the technology, we strive to enhance our expertise in domain driven design from a practical stand-point.


Ensure state of the art quality in all deliverables.


Practice an engineering culture which promotes innovation and technological advancement.

Delivering Values

Practice necessary measures to ensure the customers that they are getting the best value for money.