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Safety and Reliability Analysis

SIL Rated electronics devices

Engineering Reliability

With our immense experience in product engineering, we offer services for developing reliable products. Reliability needs to be considered consistent from the concept phase to the Manufacturing phase of the product development lifecycle. We can support the various stages of analysis services like

  • MTBF Calculation
  • FMEA
  • Reliability Prediction
  • Fault Tree Analysis ( FTA)

SIL Rating and more

Our certified professional supports the development of SIL- rated Electronics products, especially for the areas like Railways, Automotive, and Industrial Applications.

Thermal simulation

Our Thermal simulation services ensures best-in-class thermal engineering by providing precise thermal simulation. We offer product level and PCB level simulations with approximating worst- case operating conditions. We will ensure that your product never exceeds the safe operating limits.

PCB Failure analysis

Reliability is the base criterion for the success of any product. Regular design cycles often miss worst-case operating conditions, which can lead to Field failures. The Field failures are often due to the factors like EOS (Electrical Overstress), ESD (Electro Static Discharge), Thermal Stress, Mechanical Stress, premature Aging of components, Environment, etc. We provide consultancy for failure analysis and developing countermeasures that helps to manufacture reliable products.