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PCB Design and Simulation

High speed interconnect ensuring Power and Signal integrity

At Vougavent, we support developing state of the art PCBs complying to various industries. We follows best in class design process in order cater our customers with focus on high performance and reliability.

Our team of experienced engineers and state-of-the-art tools and simulation software ensure that our designs meet the performance and efficiency requirements of our customers.

Our main expertise include:-

  • High Speed PCB Design
  • EMI-EMC Simulation
  • Cross-Talk Optimization
  • Layer Stack-Up and Layout Guidelines
  • Signal and Power integrity Simulation
  • PCB Design Review
  • Thermal Simulation

PCB Design

Signal Integrity

Power Integrity

Consulting for High speed PCB boards

We provide consulting for all your high speed PCB design requirements for application like LPDDR, GMSL, FPD etc.

Layout stack up selection and PCB Floor planning

We ensure the best-optimized selection of Stack up and PCB space for the product considering various aspects like Cost, Performance, Impedance requirements, EMI-EMC Requirements, etc. With our expertise and using simulation, the performance can be predicted in the early design stage.

Power integrity and Signal Integrity simulation

Leveraging our expertise in RF and high frequency, we have extended our service into Power Integrity and Signal Integrity Simulation. We provide the simulation services right from the concept stage for selecting Components, optimized mechanical dimensions, stack up, etc. The simulation of layouts ensures proper characteristic impedance, eye diagram, and Cross talk. Power integrity simulation helps to provide the optimized use of board area and decoupling capacitors.